Ferretti Bike ( www.ferrettibike.com) is an important benchmark in Bologna and in the bike world, Ferretti bike with its 20 years experience in the field treats some of the major brands of bicycles and components on the market. They are equipped with a large and well-prepared lab specializing in the maintenance of mountain bikes and racing bikes.

Trek Powerfly with electric engine

  • The Trek MTB tradition makes the Powerfly a real mountain bike
  • Knock Block to protect the chassis from impacts with the handlebar
  • 150mm frame more versatile and ready for everything
  • Powerful central Bosch engine, for speeds up to 25 km / h
  • Engine autonomy of several hours
  • A number of models are available

Bike Trek hybrid model

It is the best compromise between speed of a racing bike and the comfort and versatility of a city bike. It is a perfect fitness bike and for many more, comfortable it is quite snappy, fun and agile for our road and dirt roads. It is available in 3 different sizes.

Video – Trek Powerfly with electric engine

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